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A DEXA scan is a special type of x-ray which measures the density of bones and can be an indication of low bone density, osteopenia, osteoporosis, or areas of high-risk fracture. For athletes and weekend warriors, our DEXA whole body composition scan scientifically measures lean muscle gains and weight loss to quantify and track your training progress. It also identifies areas of strength and improvement.


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“Thanks so much for setting up such a fantastic service in our region. I had been meaning to come and see your setup in Frankton since arriving to work as a Sport Physician in Wanaka in 2018. When I sustained my own wrist fracture, I needed to come and experience your service and facility, sooner rather than later! Your location is fantastic, easy parking, great shopping area adjacent, fantastic access for the Central Lakes region. Awesome scanning, that was so quick, providing so much useful information. I really liked the way the information was presented after the scan. I will certainly be referring many patients to your service from the extremely fit and athletic population in Wanaka and environs.”

Dr Ruth Highet

Sports Physician
MBChB, Diploma Sports Med (London), Diploma in Obstetrics, FACSP (Aust) and FACSM (USA)

A referral from a health professional is required for a Bone Density scan.

A referral form can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

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(Inside Flex Fitness, entry off 5 Mile Place)

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